Hello, I'm Agnieszka (or much easier Aga).
I'm first and most importantly the mother of Eliza and Piotr
who made me a photographer.
I just started one day to learn photography and that is the thing that lights me up!
Now I'm a bit obsessed with documenting the reality, mostly family's reality. Because the memory is tricky and selective and I wanted to have all the situations from my kids' childhood recorded: laugh, cry, hugs, fights, loosing the first tooth, learning to ride a bike for the first time, our messy house full of toys, everything. Because when it's not the best day in my life I can watch the happy pictures which cheer me up or these less perfect to recall other difficult moments in my life that I overcame.

As a psychologist and a fan of attachment parenting style, at a photo shoot I am just a non-judgmental observer who understands that kids can cry, scream or be shy in front of a stranger with a camera and it's absolutely normal. At the beginning of the session I spend some time to connect with the family, especially children, for this occasion I bring albums with pictures of my kids and talk a bit about the session.
(All above pictures were taken by my friends and talented photographers Pixel Heart during our family Day in the Life session,
because I believe that EVERY family deserve this experience and I finally wanted to be on pictures together with my family!).

I always loved (and still love!) looking at pictures from my childhood.
The ones below were taken by my uncle Damian.
I'm happy that my children will have plenty of pictures documenting our everyday life
 and be able to imagine their childhood.

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