1. What is documentary family photography and why you are a big fan of it?
Documentary photography is a type of photojournalism which creates a series of pictures that tell a complete and real story of a family.
You don't have to prepare for this kind of session, wear matching clothes and artificial smiles, because I try to capture your typical day: everyday activities in clothes you wear on a daily basis at home which most probably is a bit messy.
Why I found a great value and beauty in this "normal" pictures? Because they truly capture a part of a world which is increadibly important and (sooner than we think!) will be gone - childhood of our beloved kids.
The days go by with so many little things that don't seem to matter
until they're not longer there
and suddenly they're all that ever mattered.
Brian Andreas
2. Tell me more about the session!
Once you decide to book a session with me, together we decide when and where it takes place (your home or any other place you feel attached to/comfortable). On the given day I arrive with my camera and you just proceed in your normal day routine, just like always. I take pictures of you in your regular activities. you will also have one traditional portrait pictures of your family.
You don't have to (shouldn't!) preapre for this type of session as I want to capture your real life. It's just worth to talk with kids, explain them the concept and assure they won't have to smile to the camera.
During the event sessions I also don't interrupt into the celebration, just document every important moment, all people you love.
3. What can I expect from your offer?
Once you decide to hire me to take pictures for you, you can be sure I will be fully dedicated and prepared to make it a great experience. The offer consists of:
   - discussing the concept of the session (knowing what are your expectations is crucial for me)
  - commuting to/from your home/venue
  - few hours of photoshooting in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere (at the beginning I spend some time talking and getting to know you and kids, so you can really feel comfortbale with me at your home, during the session I don't interrupt your routine/event or disturb you, after a while you won't remember I'm around ;-)
  - posprodution: downloading all images, selecting the best pictures, editing all of them one by one, creating an online gallery for you (I stay in contact with you and sometimes ask for your specific preferences)
  - after sending you all pictures in digital format I offer you a photoalbum, prints or any other tangible products that you wish to have for you or your nearest and dearest as a gift (a photoablum is a great Christams gift for grandparents!)
4. Why you encourage people to have a photoalbum from the session?
The pictures from a session are a family story about your identity and important moments. I strongly believe there should be a place on your bookshelf for a tangible record of these. You should always be able to quickly reach for it. Good quality photoalbum can last for many years and be a great memory for your adult children and grandchildren. Not mentioning that it can be a personalized gift for grandparents.
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